The rich talented musicians of "Jazz-Balalaika" are working not only in the frame of quintet conception. They are making other different projects which begin to live their own life in the world of music. The initiator of these projects is mainly Dmitry Koltakov, one of the "Jazz-Balalaika" musicians. The other willingly support these projects and take part in them. In 1999 Dmitry issued his solo album "Gathering Notes from the World" with participation of Boris Boltjansky (flute) and Valery Chernyshev (bayan). The album includes modern guitar compositions among them - own Koltakov's compositions and works by A. Piatsolla.

In 2001 Koltakov created another project, so-called "duet project" - a performance together with Anastasija Bardina - the acknowledged master of guitar play, his former teacher at Gnesinsky Musical Institute. They perform the masterpieces of guitar classics and modern compositions. The duet gives concerts in Moscow and other places in Russia and in Ukraine, Byelorussia, Estonia, Serbia. The work of this splendid duet attracted attention of the press. On demand of the audience the duet issued the album "Classical Guitar" which was reissued some times.

Another duet - Dmitry Koltakov and Konstantin Shchukin - is characterized by making experiments with musical works, high professional skills and masterly playing. Common project of these both musicians has been developed since 2002. Bayan-player Konstantin Shchukin plays mouth organ and percussion. Music by Latin-American and Spanish composers underlay a bright expressive show "I Want to Spain!". The audience accepted this non-typical duet which played guitar, mouth organ and percussion and its show with great interest. One year later the duet began to develop another project the same set of musical instruments. They realized a show "Muses from abroad". The show included compositions by Argentine, Spanish British composers and also music written by Dmitry Koltakov. Music was characterized by a romantic mood and was also warmly accepted by the audience.

"Anastasia Bardina is a real passion on the stage. She is such a spirited person! She is a virtuoso not only in playing but also in the way of thinking."

Nikita Koshkin, composer, guitarist

"They are so different. But this difference creates a special harmony. Anastasia is expressive and full with emotions. Dmitry is entirely concentrated and absorbed by emotions which are caused by music. Their virtuosity is charming."

Television channel "Culture"

In 2004 a great event happened in the life of Dmitry Koltakov. He became a possibility to express and realize himself as a composer. A prize-winner of many All-Russian competitions, a splendid performer he managed to issue an album with his own compositions. The album was named "Giddiness". Dmitry had been working at it for 10 years. His passion of different musical styles was reflected in the musical compositions included in album. Romance is followed by a folk composition, jazz - by a rock composition. They a joined by acoustical guitar, the favorite instrument of Dmitry. Other instruments such as mouth organ and percussion also used. Konstantin Shchukin plays this instruments.

"The duet is characterized by its artistry, sense of humor and masterly playing. This is a case when the technique is not like a "military parade". It is a powerful tool of expression of musical ideas, images, senses and passions".

Mark Groysburg, pianist

"The work in the record studio is a special creative process', Dmitry explains. 'Unexpected creative ideas and solutions are born here. So we included some improvisations in our album. It enlivens the compositions." Some of the album compositions are also known, the others will be a surprise for the audience. The music from this album is included in the show "Giddiness". The compositions are also partly included in other shows.

"Dmitry Koltakov is a musician of a new generation. He is not only a splendid master. He also knows some magic of musical sounds. He is not also a sensible and vigorous performer but a talented composer too."

Alexander Vinitsky, composer, guitarist

We assure you that "other creation" of "Jazz-Balalaika" will bring you more and more surprises with its unexpected projects.